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Strategic Growth (the « Company ») does not tolerate or support spam (i.e. unsolicited commercial e-mail) because it wastes valuable time and resources.

Spam also diminishes the overall value and effectiveness of e-mail communications.

Therefore, neither the Company nor any website, affiliate, member or customer is authorized to send unsolicited electronic communications to persons who have not asked them to do so or to whom a pre-existing relationship does not exist by using, harvesting or otherwise obtaining information associated with the www.strategicgrowth.info website (the « Website ») for the purpose of transmitting any e-mail communication.

It is a violation of this Spam Policy and Terms of Use (« TOU ») for any customer, member, website or affiliate to do so. Violation of this Spam Policy and/or the TOU may, at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion, result in termination of account and/or restriction of website access rights.

Why have you received unsolicited e-mails or e-mails from unknown senders?

Occasionally, you may receive what appears to be an unsolicited e-mail or an e-mail from an unknown sender. Depending on the circumstances, these e-mails may or may not violate this spam policy.

For example, the following are examples of permissible circumstances in which a potentially unsolicited e-mail or an e-mail from an unknown sender may have been received by you:

You may have signed up for newsletters, promotions or services from an associated and/or affiliated Web site and forgot to do so;
You have an existing relationship (i.e. purchased something or used certain services) with an associated and/or affiliated website; and/or
Someone may have signed you up to receive newsletters, promotions, services or e-mail communications from an associated Web site without your permission.

Under the above scenarios, the e-mail communication received would not violate the Company’s spam or TOU policy because it would have been authorized, or at least appears to have been authorized, by you or there is an existing relationship between you and the sender.

Despite these circumstances, you may wish to stop receiving these e-mail communications.

What you can do to stop receiving unwanted e-mail communications.

The first thing you can do is to see if the unwanted e-mail communication contains a hyperlink at the bottom of the message to refuse or remove your e-mail address from future e-mail transmissions.

If so, click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the message that is designated to opt you out or remove you from other e-mail transmissions from the sender in order to stop receiving them in the future.

If you click on the « Remove » link at the end of a message sent by the Company or an associated website, you will automatically be removed from the customer’s subscriber list used to generate the e-mail communication.

Circumstances may arise where you have received spam in violation of this spam policy and the DU.

To report abusive e-mail activity, please send an e-mail to servicesauxclients@strategicgrowth.info providing a description of the content of the e-mail, the subject and the identity of the sender so that the Company can investigate the matter and, if necessary, appropriate action can be taken.

How the Company protects against spam from its servers.

The Company takes several steps to protect its online community from spam originating from its servers. To begin with, the Company only sends e-mail communications to those who have provided their e-mail address and have expressed an interest in receiving future offers, newsletters, promotions and other information.

Secondly, the Company carefully guards the information provided by its members and customers.

For example, e-mail addresses provided to the Company are securely maintained and access to this information is restricted. In addition, the Company strives to personalize its e-mail communications with information that demonstrates an existing relationship with those receiving e-mail messages.

Nor does the Company authorize a Web site or associated affiliate to send offers, newsletters, promotions and other information to those who have not requested them. Such e-mail communications violate this spam policy.

In addition, the Company uses specific tools to ensure that no one is subscribed to a newsletter against their will. The Company also provides opt-out or deletion hyperlinks at the bottom of its outgoing e-mail communications.

The Company takes every reported spam incident seriously. In doing so, the Company carefully examines each reported spam incident due to the cumulative behavior of the customer or member while using the Website and its related services or features.

What happens if an associated website or affiliate is accused of spamming?

The Company takes the following steps if it receives a spam complaint regarding an associated website or affiliate:

The Company immediately investigates whether the associated website or affiliate is receiving an excessive number of spam complaints, which may indicate a breach of protocol or other procedure that requires corrective action;

If, after reviewing spam complaints, the Company concludes that a mailing list is compromised or questionable, it will restrict access by the website or affiliate in question until provided with an affidavit sufficiently attesting that the website or affiliate complies with the Company’s spam policy and is not sending spam. An authorized representative of the website or affiliate must sign the affidavit and its contents must be approved by the Company before services or access are restored; and
The Company will not do business with any Web site or affiliate that refuses to accept the Spam Policy, or any other agreement required by the Company.

In addition, the Company reserves the right, which may be exercised at its sole discretion, to terminate any business relationship with a Web site or affiliate that violates the Spam Policy, whether or not steps are taken to remedy the circumstances giving rise to the violation.

Why a website or affiliate named in a spam complaint isn’t simply cut off.

Some may believe that the Company should immediately cut off a website or affiliate that is named in a spam complaint.

The Company has decided not to do this. This has been done because the Company believes that such action would compromise legitimate website-related e-mail communications and would be unfair to its members/customers. A number of possible scenarios exist whereby a website or affiliate may be accused of sending spam e-mail communications, even though they have complied with the spam policy.

In some cases, a spam complaint may be lodged by a disgruntled employee, a dissatisfied customer or a competitor seeking to disrupt access to the website for nefarious and inappropriate purposes.

In addition, in many other cases, the Company may receive a spam complaint from someone who has simply forgotten that they signed up to receive e-mail communication from a website or affiliate.

In short, the Company must investigate, evaluate and judge each spam complaint on its merits. The Company would not effectively serve its members/customers by immediately refusing to do business with anyone before having the opportunity to investigate and review the circumstances of a spam complaint.

Changes to Spam Policy.

The Company, in its sole and absolute discretion, may change, modify, alter or amend this Spam Policy without prior notice to members, customers, affiliates and others by posting a copy of the new operational version on the Website. All members, customers, affiliates and other persons subject to the Company’s Spam Policy are required to familiarize themselves with its terms and to periodically review the Spam Policy posted on the Web site for any changes, alternations, modifications or amendments.

How can I ask questions or raise concerns about the Spam Policy?

Please send questions or concerns about the spam policy by e-mail to: servicesauxclients@strategicgrowth.info

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